We are Rantharu friends in Dandeniya,Galapitamada,-Srilanka..RFC increases the understanding and skills required by excluded individuals, groups, and communities to increase their level of participation in society works. Our events occur across a range of services including information and advice, counseling, Advocacy and Support — targeting an equally diverse range of people and areas of interest as well as members wellbeing. If we tell in real sense of word this is a social wellbeing team for our society when and where necessary, our friendly hands.





To become the world best leaders nationally and internationally to create exemplary and pursuing village by garbing the full strength of youth.



By using all young’s experiences, skills, knowledge and attitudes to become the useful future generation to the society and satisfy members welfare as well as village needs.



  • Implement all activities decided by the member’s committee.

  • Welfare of all members’ of friends’ community.

  • Social welfare.